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Visual Evaluations

WT provides visual evaluations of roofing or waterproofing systems on both new buildings under construction and existing buildings. Visual evaluations are an effective way to learn the general condition with specific emphasis on repair needs and replacement costs and for budgeting.


Failure investigations are provided when major problems exist with roofing or waterproofing systems. Our firm provides failure investigations to help our clients understand the problems that exist, the cause of the problems, the actions necessary to correct the problems and the cost to complete the work.

Moisture Testing

Roofing and exterior wall testing may be required during an evaluation or design. WT provides infra-red testing to help locate areas of suspect moisture locations on a roofing system or within exterior walls.

Design and Construction Phase Services

Design and construction phase services are provided for roofing system replacements and exterior waterproofing projects. Our staff has designed new roofing or waterproofing systems on many different types of facilities for many different types of uses. These include simple roof replacements and more complex projects that require deck replacement as well as the roof replacement. Waterproofing projects include curtain wall waterproofing such as glass, concrete and stucco as well as plaza decks.


Roof Maintenance Programs

Our roof maintenance program is a computer program designed to assist our clients with the ongoing maintenance of their roofing systems to control maintenance costs and extend the life of the roofing systems. This is a cost effective solution to controlling annual budgets for roof maintenance by planning ahead for maintenance needs. It is also a great tool to help establish budgets for future roof repairs and maintenance.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our staff also provides expert witness testimony where clients need help with litigation involving roofing and waterproofing issues.

Consulting Services

WT staff can assist you with even minor consulting work such as moisture intrusion investigation and peer review of documents prepared by others and construction monitoring.

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